This is the first time in a loooong time that I’ve finished writing a book and not had another writing project lined up to work on next. I do have a story I’ve started (in a wildly different genre) that I probably should finish, but I don’t think most of the readers of my Regency fiction would be interested in it. “Build a brand” say the advice- for-writers blogs…and I agree with them. I should keep writing Knightley and Emma’s story…what happens after they marry? Or, at least, I could write another Regency-era book. A mystery, perhaps?

So far, my writing output is terribly eclectic. I have non-fiction (A chapter in a textbook about how to run a community college and a devotional book for homeschooling moms), Christian children’s historical fiction (complete with unit study for homeschoolers), Christian historical romance fiction (an early effort–don’t read it), and the Knightley books. And published under three different names. Kinda hard to build a brand around that!

It’s been very satisfying to immerse myself back into the homeschooling routine this autumn without having an unfinished book hanging over my head. Kind of like when you’ve finished final exams or something. My house is a lot cleaner, too. 🙂 So, all of that to say…I don’t know what I’m going to write yet. But it will be something, because I already miss writing. I’ll keep you posted.