Ah, the neglected blog. It’s always here, waiting for me to write another post, making me feel slightly guilty when I remember its forlorn state.

I’ve been teaching an online writing class for high school students, imparting knowledge about how to write research papers. I was hoping for a goodly crop of bloopers from this batch–those are always good fodder for a blog post. Unfortunately, I’ve graded all but two, and the only funny mistake so far was someone writing “monotone paperwork” instead of “monotonous.”  It was good for a chuckle, but I can’t get much mileage out of it for the blog.  You’d think I’d be frantically combing the last two ungraded papers for something humorous, but I’m procrastating. Their topics are the concentration camps of World War II and the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Coming, as they do, after papers on the opium wars in China, vitamin D deficiency in the developing world, and the strategies of the generals in the Civil War, I’m in no hurry to continue to ruminate on the lack of peace on earth. Perhaps next time I’ll have some sort of rule about finding happy topics for research papers. Or perhaps I just won’t schedule final papers to fall due at Christmas!