Back in May or June of 2012, I was thinking about how I could hardly wait to get back into writing. After finishing the George Knightley, Esquire series, I took a little break from writing. It was partly because my last brain cell had given its all for the cause, partly because I had a whole bunch of editing jobs, and partly because I had been waiting for two and a half years for our Ethiopian adoption to go through and the stress was unbelievable.


But back in June, things were looking good. The adoption was finally moving, my husband and I had taken a trip to Ethiopia to meet the children (a brother and sister, aged 7 and 3) and go to a court hearing, and we were preparing for a three-week trip to the US before I returned to Ethiopia and brought the children home. Soon, I thought, I will be able to get words on paper again. I might even be able to write while I’m in Ethiopia. At least, once we’ve been home for a week or so and things are back in order at our house, I’ll be able to spend an hour or two a day writing.




The three week trip to the States turned into a four-month stay, as there was a delay in the adoption. When we finally got back home to Ireland, I realized that I hadn’t reckoned on these children being quite so needy. Or such poor sleepers. And I had expected tantrums from the 3 year old, but not from her older brother, whose adjustment struggles were far, far greater. To my surprise, the other four children did not immediately bounce back into their pre-trip school and chore routines (did I mention that we homeschool?), and fitting the new children into a house that seemed much smaller after being in American homes was a bigger ordeal than we had thought.  Instead of having an hour or two to write each day, I’ve been lucky if I’ve run a brush through my hair at some point.


All that to say…I miss writing. I miss my characters. I miss being part of the Austen community. I hope I will get back to it all before long. Until then, I know that what I’m doing has eternal significance, and I don’t regret it at all.

I would, however, like a little more sleep.