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What others are saying about George Knightley Esquire:  Charity Envieth Not

Five out of Five Regency Stars- George Knightley, Esquire, by Barbara Cornthwaite, is a delightful re-telling of Emma that gives Mr. Knightley a chance to shine.”~  Shelly DeWees (AustenProse)

Five Roses-  “Jane Austen would be proud!”~  RobinBird (The Lady Gwyn’s Kingdom)

“…be prepared to not have a completed story at the end of this book and to have an intense desire to obtain book two right away!”  ~Meredith Esparza( (Austenesque Reviews)

“…Charity Envieth Not is a triumph.”  Alexa Adams (First Impressions)

“An expert writer with the ability to write flawlesly in the style of Regency era authors…”  ~Chautona Havig (Paradoxology)

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